Insurance and Affiliation
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Insurance and Affiliation

To bring our insurance year back in line with club’s financial year Pony Club Tasmania have advised Gow Gates & Pony Club Australia that we will be changing our insurance year to 1st July – 30th June effective 1st July 2019.


What this means for clubs


·       1st January riders will be required to pay a half year insurance & affiliation fee, taking them to 30th June 2019 – Fee will be $50.00 per rider


·       1st July 2019 rider will pay a full year insurance & affiliation taking them to 30th June 2020 – Fee will be $100 per rider, this is broken down into:-       


v 24/7 Insurance                  $32.00

v Speciality Accounts           $17.00

   (rep fund, Instruction, insurance & Tom Johnston)

v Pony Club Australia           $11.00 capitation

v General Fund                    $40.00         


Pony Club Australia Capitation fees have increased significantly per rider

Prior to 2017                               $  2.00

2017                                           $  3.85

2018                                           $  6.88

1st Jan – 30th June 2019              $  4.13

1st July – 30th June 2020              $11.00


·       The annual fee of $100 will be held for 2 years – review will be for year commencing 1 July 2021


·       It will be compulsory for all riders to enter their payment into the database.  If payment paid by EFT there will be no requirement for the clubs to send through any paperwork.


·       If paid by cash or cheque clubs will still need to fill in the insurance & affiliation return & send to the Treasurer with payment – waiver will no longer be required


·       The waiver will be incorporated into the database as a compulsory tick box


·       It is essential that only riders or their parents fill in the data base not club personnel as there are compulsory fields to be ticked to enable them to continue and be accepted for membership.  If a club person does this, they could be liable for any insurance or litigation issues.


·       From 1st July 2019 clubs may add their membership fee as well and riders can pay both club membership, insurance & affiliation on line.  If your members also contribute to zone this may also be added.


In effect members could be paying a state, club & zone contribution all on line with Sport Marketing Australia depositing funds into each designated account.



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