Call for Rider Nominations 2019 Inter Pacific Exchange
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Call for Rider Nominations 2019 Inter Pacific Exchange



PCT is calling for rider nominations for the Inter Pacific Exchange 2019.  This will be held in Hong Kong 30th June to 13th July 2019.


The Inter Pacific Exchange is a biennial event involving Pony Club teams from countries in the Pacific Basin. Teams which have taken part in the past are Australia, Britain, Canada, Far East, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and the USA. The host nation will arrange a series of non-riding social functions, as well as the competitive riding activities. The competitive aspect of the Exchange is the Nations’ Cup Show Jumping, involving teams of riders from each of the participating nations, and a One Day Event. The teams for the ODE are formed by taking one rider from each participating nation to make “scrambled” teams for this competition. The Australian team will be under the direction and supervision of a Team Manager and Team Coach, who will be appointed by Pony Club Australia


Selection to represent Australia in the Inter Pacific Exchange is the ultimate honour for a pony clubber.


5.5.1 Selection Requirements To be considered for selection to the Inter Pacific Exchange, pony club members must meet the following extra requirements:

a. be under 25 years of age on 1st January in the year of the competition but as near to the maximum age limit as possible.

b. shall hold their B Certificate by selection date.

c. have had experience in riding several different and unfamiliar horses over at least a twelve month period.

d. The Tasmanian representative shall write a report of their trip and send to the PCT and PCA, and make themselves available to all Pony Clubs for an account of the trip, coaching etc. after their return.


5.5.2 Applicants

Applicants should:

a. attend a selection day if required.

b. lend their own horse and ride a number of unknown horses;

c. show a good knowledge of the discipline/s and rules;

d. show above average riding skill;

e. prepare and deliver a short impromptu talk on a subject selected by the selectors and a thank you speech;


Nominations need to come from DC’s and must include the following;


1. Rider Nomination Form-Form 10.5.1


2. DC Confidential Report- Form 10.5.4


3. Play by the Rules Certificate-Links below

4. Signed Code of Conduct Form-Form 10.5.6


5. Nomination Fee of $20 to be paid to State Treasurer Sue deKaste either by Cheque or direct deposit (B&E, The

Pony Club Association of Tasmanian, BSB- 632 001, A/C 100150311).


All of the above documents must be received by Close of Nomination 20th December or the nomination will not be accepted.


Nominations to be sent to Kyra Jackson and will close 20th December 2018.

Selections will be held on Saturday 12th January 2019.


Costs are likely to be between $5000 and $6000 per rider. A deposit of $4000.00 is required to be paid to PCT Treasurer by the 31st January 2019.

10.5.1 Rider nomination for national or state.pdf


10.5.4 DC or president confidential report.pdf


10.5.6 Code of conduct.pdf

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