Concussion Policy

PCA Concussion Policy (including Concussion Recognition Tool)


Member Protection Policy

PCAT Member Protection Policy Version 6

Included in the above Member Protection Policy are the following: 

·  6.7   Alcohol Policy

·  6.8   Smoking Policy

·  6.9   Cyber Bullying/Safety

·  6.10  Social Networking Policy

·  6.11  Bullying, Victimisation and Intimidation

·  6.12  Inclusion Policy

·  6.13  Anti-Doping Policy

·  6.14  Drug and Medications Policy

·  6.15  Sun Smart Policy

·  6.16  Welfare of the horse

Part C3 update of Working with Vulnerable People State requirements



Working With Children Information

Working with Children Pony_Club_Tasmania_Sector_Guide.pdf




Child Safety Policy

PCA CHILD SAFETY Statement of Commitment.pdf

PCA CHILD SAFETY Code of conduct.pdf

PCA CHILD SAFETY Reporting Policy.pdf

Code of Conduct

PCT Board Code of Conduct