Risk Management

Committees should have a standing agenda item titled ‘Risk Management’ where all incidents are noted. This is particularly useful to keep track of incidents which make a pattern or to ensure maintenance is completed and noted

Event Risk Management
Equestrian Event Risk Management Guidelines (PCA/Gow Gates)
Event Day Checklist

Rally Checklist (Club Health and Safety Rally Checklist)
Trail Riding Guide
Trail Riding Checklist
Coach Guidelines for Pony Club
Checklist for Volunteer Induction

Hazard Reporting
Hazard Reporting Register
Hazard Report Form 

Safe Work Procedures
SWP Register
SWP Brush Cutter / Line Trimmer  Petrol Operated AS505
SWP Chainsaw - Petrol Operated AS508
SWP Mower - Ride on AS528
SWP Mower - Walk Behind AS529
SWP Oven AS530
SWP Rotary Slasher - Tractor Operated AS540
SWP Tractor AS558